"Healthy Life" is an innovative interactive TV-project concentrating on today's progression of people's healthy lifestyles. While we are still at the basis of our project, we have a full script planned out, dealing with professionals in every aspect of health and wellbeing.

     Our educators include a 4-time current world champion of power-lifting and highly experienced health motivation coaches. These professionals will interactively work with the everyday people, who want and need to live a healthy and properly balanced lifestyle. Besides the volunteers, who are already lined up to be involved in our TV-project, our program will also have interesting everyday facts and newly researched areas of the fitness field, audience participation within the program's interactive format will make it interesting to a wide range of viewers who already lead a healthy lifestyle or would like to change to one.

     TV hostess Lucy Alex will interactively introduce and involve new participants, who otherwise may not be able to be exposed to such opportunities, due to their outside obligations, financial hardships or other circumstances. Our world-champion trainer Denis Knyazev will be working with each individual to cater to their particular needs and provide the most effective and efficient results. Our team will carefully choose individuals who will participate in the program and work closely with our professionals. Many people want to start exercise, but don't know how to do it safely and most efficiently.

     Our Champion trainer Denis Knyazev, will explain and show in an interactive  step by step sessions, what work out program is most appropriate for each individual. He will talk about benefits, as well as, negative factors of specific exercises to guide our guests to most favorable experience and result. Together with a team of professionals, our participants will get the first-hand knowledge and experience, while being involved in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere created by our highly motivated coaches and staff.

TV show "Healthy Life"

It's time to change your life!

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